MAEKAR is and always will be a handmade Melbourne jewellery brand headed by designer and jeweller, Sarah Gibson.

We believe that jewellery should transition from wardrobe to wardrobe, season to season. We don't stick to trends. We design considered, handmade jewellery to the highest standards, striving to create pieces that are timeless and made to last. We believe in investing in pieces that are made to last, to share moments with for years to come. 

We believe that sustainability is a journey and are continuously looking for ways to improve our practices. Wherever possible we use recycled materials and we support only local suppliers. 

As a testament to our belief that jewellery should be timeless and worn for years to come, MAEKAR will be launching our custom made and one-of-a-kind piece offering in 2021.

In house, we have replaced standard chemical-based industry manufacturing practices with safer alternatives to provide a healthier work environment.

All of our pieces at MAEKAR are made to order, ensuring we can be in control of the whole process. Guaranteeing all of your pieces are mindfully made.