All of MAEKAR's pieces are handmade with the upmost care in our studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Handmade jewellery is delicate, so for a long lasting relationship with years of wear please take the time to look after your piece with care. Adopt a daily routine of removing your jewellery by placing your piece into its box before you go to bed, when exercising, doing the dishes and applying cosmetics. All metals react differently to the environment around us and can naturally tarnish over time. Exposure to perspiration, perfumes, chemicals, cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water and silver polish can effect the integrity of your piece.
Care instructions for each piece may differ. Please see below:
For general cleaning of all jewellery scrub gently under warm soapy water with a toothbrush. If dirt is hard to remove, soak in clean water.
Silver, 9kt Yellow & Rose Gold:
Invest in a polishing cloth to keep your silver jewellery looking shiny. Polish when your piece begins to look dull. Clean with a polishing cloth.
Gold plated jewellery:
Gold plating is a surface treatment that will wear overtime. We only gold plate items with the least amount of exposure to everyday wear, earrings and some necklaces. If you would like your piece re-plated we will happily do so for a small fee. Please contact us at
Quartz pieces:
Due to the fragile nature of quartz please handle with care. Avoid exposure to extreme heat, chemicals and chlorine and salt water.
All jewellery will wear over time.  For a thorough clean, we can happily remove any marks and polish your ring for a small fee.