"there is something curious about the connection one has with jewellery, other possessions come and go, but there is a permanency about an item of jewellery, few possessions, hold such sentimental value"
MAEKAR is for the discerning individual.
With an intuitive approach and natural flare, considered design is at the heart of MAEKAR. 
Since our launch in 2015, each piece at MAEKAR is handmade with the upmost care in our studio in Melbourne, using only the finest of materials. 
Inspired by architectural and ornamental forms across cultures, we strive to create elegant wearable pieces that are also beautiful objects in their own right.
Weaving inspirations from travel, from india to the middle east, and extended experience in the design industry, our contemporary jewellery embodies a nuanced integration of bohemian and minimal styles.
Employing simple geometric shapes, our designs are clean, yet bold - they convey familiarity, yet simultaneously have an originality that sets them apart.
At MAEKAR, our unique collections speak for themselves,we do not settle for the ordinary. .
Jewellery should be timeless. Invest in quality pieces that you want to share moments with, and you will enjoy them for years to come.